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Perhaps the connection with science fiction and fantasy, traditionally seen as the lower genres had influenced the marginalization of Space Art, but the movement is not to be underestimated.By merging scientific discoveries with fine art expression, these artists are bridging the gap between technology and humanities, communicating the scientific ideas and achievements to the wider audience.

Space Art and Astronomical Art are two important artistic genres that have emerged along with scientific discoveries that allowed a closer look into the secrets of the universe and although there are many Space Art practitioners in the world the genre still remains on the margins of contemporary art production.

If, then, a reliable historical record exists that mentions that event, then modern investigators can calculate when it occurred, with reference to whatever epoch one wishes to use, and with reference to modern historical records.

Astronomical dating works by synchronizing one type of historical record with another.

Quote box2align = rightquote = Astronomical dating can be a powerful tool for establishing absolute chronologies, but...

it can easily produce precise and impressive looking results based on invalid assumptions – results so precise and impressive they may not be questioned by scholars in other fields.salign = source = —John Steele, "The Use and Abuse of Astronomy in Establishing Absolute Chronologies." Dating historical events The use of descriptions of astronomical phenomena to date historical events began in the sixteenth century, a time of a renewed humanistic interest in history and of increasingly precise astronomical tables.

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