Dating a selfish self centered man

So what is this Yankee girl going to tell you about dating a Jamaican.

And in my short life, there are few things I’ve picked up when it comes to relationship dynamics.

After the honeymoon period, where I was just astounded that I was having sex, our relationship became a matter of constant fighting, jealousy, guilt trips and having to justify myself on an almost daily basis.

Almost every fight we ever had would escalate from disagreeing over what to rent at Blockbuster to threats of breaking up with me… I allowed her walk all over me because I was willing to put up with this.

Their friendship is mostly about quantity not quality. For them, people are either very good or very bad, depending on who admires them and who does not. They usually maximize their contributions and minimize that of others.

In other words, if you fulfill their wishes, you're good. It is hard for self-centered people to have a real sense of empathy. Self-esteem is how well developed your sense of self is. They are usually successful on the surface and things look good since they go the extra mile to make their persona look as flawless as possible. For an arrogant person, the problem is usually "you" or the "other." Therefore, self-healing or therapy won't be helpful to them. They expect too much for what they are willing to give.

Yet others can talk for hours about themselves, making you feel like you are of lesser importance.

These selfish people love the idea of all for one—only when that is them.

This knowledge will give you a clear understanding of where you stand in the relationship. They crave for your attention, but don’t give you any.

Rumor has it that they’re misogynistic, controlling and philanderers.

But let’s be real, what ethnic group of men can we not say that about?

They will dislike and devalue you if you don’t buy into their misplaced “superiority.”If you’ve met someone very selfish or perhaps have a friend or partner who’s selfish, here are some concrete ways you can deal with them.

The first piece of advice for dealing with selfish people is to be with yourself.

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