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If you go to Tunisia, you will meet smart and educated women who will give you the impression that they are free independent women.If you look up “Tunisian women”, you will find stories about the progressive status of Tunisian women, you will find reports about the newly passed Tunisian constitution and how it is a breakthrough for Tunisian women because it includes a clause enshrining gender equality. How long does it take for the new values in legislation and public debates to sink into the general public's consciousness?An anonymous Tunisian writer describes the difference between the democratic progress achieved in his homeland of Tunisia and the actual situation faced by half of the country's population—women.If you go to Tunisia, wander the streets of the capital Tunis, you will see women in public spaces, coffee shops and restaurants who seem to be enjoying their lives.If you go to schools and universities, you will notice that women make up half of the faculty staff and female students outnumber their male counterparts.It is bordered by Algeria to the west and southwest, Libya to the southeast, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east.

I'm a student studying master, i live in sfax -tunisia.Our impressions and advices arise both from longtime and current to our readers, is, therefore, that they take these articles very serious, even if they do not or do not want to believe it (yet) or cannot imagine the situations and circumstances described here.What is described here is not just desires or wishes, but , relationships in Tunisia begin when a tunisian man notices a tunisian woman whom he likes or when a tunisian woman is being recommended to him by his friends or tunisian family.Many who read these pages for the first time will be amazed by their content and won't believe what they read there.Others think that they will never come into the situation that they will fall in love in their vacation.

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) is a country in North Africa, covering 165,000 square kilometres (64,000 square miles).

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