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Fears: Snakes and heights Favorite gaming system: N64Favorite Holiday: Halloween Favorite season: Autumn Favorite TV show: Charmed / Desperate Housewives Favorite Cartoon: Jackie Chan adventures/ Gravity Falls Favorite Disney Princess: Anna - Frozen or Rapunzel - Tangled Favorite Disney song: Out there - Hunchback of Notre Dame or Be Prepared from Lion King Favorite Disney villain: Scar Do you watch Pewdie Pie or cry or gamer vlogs: No When do you have lives: Randomly, they’re never scheduled.—————————————-.:: Cosplay Questions::.

Where can I buy contacts: Try Honeycolor or Pinkyparadise Do you make your cosplays: Most are hand made Favorite cosplay: Aoba, Sora or Howl Do you take commissions: I take wig commissions.Favorite manga: Ranma ½ or Fushigi Yuugi Favorite yaoi: LOVE STAGE!! Favorite foreign food: Longanisa and Tocino Favorite singer: Avril Lavigne Favorite color: Teal/sky blue Favorite animal: Domesticated would be cat, wild would be panda. If you send me an ask that is asking “Have you and Andrew had sex” or anything like it I will block you.That is none of your concern and it is not something I wish to talk about, I have zero tolerance for asks like this. Favorite game: Favorite Animated Movie: Lilo and Stitch Favorite Live action Movie: The Fifth Element Favorite Actor: Mila Jovovich Favorite Pokemon: Shinx Favorite Pokemon game: Ruby and Sapphire.Any renaming will take place long before the game is released.This is further elaborated on in the video, "Should Yandere Simulator be renamed?

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