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Chances are you love Thailand as much as we do and you go there for a holiday from time to time, or even plan to move to Thailand!The land of smiles has a lot to offer and we want to make your stay even better.But when it comes to dating Thai cuties from the countryside or university girls from Bangkok, who may have never been with a foreigner before and not know any English (or are too shy to use it), it surely helps break the ice if you can speak at least some basic Thai and say something sweet in their mother tongue. The “Thai language pages” on this website aim at giving those tourists and expats who are interested in learning a bit more of the language than just a basic introduction to the history, fundamental grammar, phonetics, and syntax of Thai language.We’ve also compiled an extensive extra page where we’ve listed some basic vocabulary and many useful phrases.The girl has a good idea what to do but the boy realizes that he doesn’t have time for that. Continue reading →In this conversation a Hitman asks his mum to start a new life with him. Continue reading →Did you know that the Thai language is full of words to describe feelings?Thai language, including its various regional dialects, is a fascinating language with melodic sequences of sounds and words, and an exotic, ostensibly irritating alphabet and script, which have challenged your webmaster since his first ever visit to Thailand. If you visit or live in a country like Thailand, where English is not the native language and in fact many people have a less than mediocre command of English, I think it’s simply essential to (at least) make an effort to learn a bit of the native tongue.

Especially the pronunciation and its confusing phonemic tones will be hard to master for beginners.

In our “Holiday Thai” lessons you learn Thai language phrases that will help you to get around, get what you want and simply get more out of your time in Thailand!

Speaking the Thai language is not as hard as you might think.

Some words from other languages are used in Thai and many of those are English.

Enjoy the next few lessons about Thenglish words, English …

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