One to one dirty cam

A look at the role marketing plays can help explain why 'your' brand sometimes makes decisions you hate.

Dust on the sensor happens, it’s just a fact of digital photographic life.Camera companies are not your friend but they’re also not trying to trample on your dreams.It seems like an obvious statement, but a misunderstanding of how markets and marketing work sometimes leads to exactly this sort of misconception.John wanted to push that a lot further and try to have Gareth be the camera operator for everything.”So how did they do that?Basically, they’ve created a virtual camera rig through an i Pad Gamevice controller with an HTC Vive motion controller and proprietary software that links to their computer system so they can simulate the camera movement inside a pre-visualization of any given pre-recorded visual effects sequence.

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And it's the marketer's role to work out what that product would be.

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